Guest Post: Chery’s DIY Bath Bombs

vegan skincare

Hi all!

As promised, today I’m sharing with you a guest post written by my friend Chery.

Chery’s journey to veganism led her to create her own all natural cosmetics and skincare products. Through using her own products and eating a vegan diet, she cured her own skin condition, and discovered a lot about commercial products along the way. She also makes the facewash and toner for my skincare regime, which I love. Clearly a lady with talent, I’ve told her that she should start selling them, or at least start a blog!

A few weeks ago Chery showed me how to make bath bombs, which are super simple. I’ve asked her to share the recipe here to get you started. All of the ingredients can be bought in the baking aisle at your local supermarket, and the formula is endlessly customisable. They make great stocking-stuffers, kris kringle presents, or just ‘I think you’re wonderful’ presents, which are the best kind of all! If you don’t have a bathtub, find a bowl big enough for your feet, fill it with warm water and drop one of these babies in it for an indulgent treat. Continue reading

Discovering Black Velvet Gold Chocolat, a giveaway

A little while ago, I was fortunate to discover the Facebook page for Black Velvet Gold Chocolat, a boutique chocolatier handcrafting beautiful chocolates in Rosedale, Victoria. They were asking for feedback from vegans to see whether a vegan/dairy free range would be successful or popular, and to find out what flavours we wanted the most.

After much positive response, Ruth (the chocolatier herself) has released a vegan chocolate range! I emailed her enquiring as to whether I could order some to be sent to Sydney, as I won’t be visiting Victoria again until July. She was generous enough to send me a beautiful box of samples for review on Cat’s Kitchen. Continue reading