All legumes great and small

Puttanesca beans

Broccoli and butter beans with secret sauce

Not-yo-Mama’s bolognaise

Orange and raisin chickpeas

Orange lentil soup

Curry-roasted veggies with greens and edamame

Classic chickpeas

Bilan goring

Italian lentils in tomato sauce

Spicy chickpeas with thyme and peanuts

Incredibly tasty kidney bean and vegetable soup

Hearty Italian soup

Shepherd’s pie

Mushroom san choy bow

Creamy vegetable and lentil stew

Softshell chickpea tacos

Charred broccoli with white bean mash and grilled vegetable skewers

Cinnamon and sesame hummus

Ash’s broccoli and cannellini curry

Little lentil burger balls

Aloo gobi a.k.a. cauliflower and potato curry

Hot vegetable and bean soup

BBQ Chickpeas with Mushrooms and Onion

Little Lentil Pies

Bean’n’Basil Besto

Chickpea-Stuffed Choko

Moroccan Chickpea Tagine


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