New Ventures, Projects, and Love

Hello all!

If there is anyone listening out there anymore. It certainly has been a while.

What have I been doing in this time? Not cooking much, I will admit. The art of cooking gave way to the art of art, and that is where my energy is focussed. So I apologize if this is a blatant attempt to gain publicity for my online art store, because that’s exactly what it is. Little watercolours, sketches, and mixed-media paintings, collected here together on Etsy, my store, ArtByCatJ.


So please, if you were hoping for a recipe and have been disappointed, go on to one of the wonderful inspiring cooking blogs that I’ve listed over on the right-hand side of this screen. And if you’re pleasantly surprised by what you see in my art store, please, share the love, share the link, and hell, treat yourself to something bright on your wall.


Until next time,

Cat x

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