Mexican breakfast pancakes

Delightful Breakfast Salad

Apple, Berry and Coconut Smoothie

Basic Green Smoothie

Iron-Rich Green Smoothie

All legumes great and small

Puttanesca beans

Broccoli and butter beans with secret sauce

Not-yo-Mama’s bolognaise

Orange and raisin chickpeas

Orange lentil soup

Curry-roasted veggies with greens and edamame

Classic chickpeas

Bilan goring

Italian lentils in tomato sauce

Spicy chickpeas with thyme and peanuts

Incredibly tasty kidney bean and vegetable soup

Mushroom san choy bow

Creamy vegetable and lentil stew

Softshell chickpea tacos

Charred broccoli with white bean mash and grilled vegetable skewers

Cinnamon and sesame hummus

Ash’s broccoli and cannellini curry

Little lentil burger balls

Aloo gobi a.k.a. cauliflower and potato curry

Hot vegetable and bean soup

BBQ Chickpeas with Mushrooms and Onion

Little Lentil Pies

Bean’n’Basil Besto

Chickpea-Stuffed Choko

Chickpeas with Soy Sauce

Ridiculously Simple Chickpea Salad

Creamy Chickpea and Herb Soup

Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

Other main meals (the few not involving legumes)

Camp-style soba noodles

Dumplings and greens

Eggplant rollatini with kickass tomato sauce

Indian quinoa curry

Roast vegetable tarts

Fresh pasta with asparagus and herbs

Roast eggplant with za’atar sauce

Peanut satay rice-paper rolls

Blackened glazed carrots

Shepherd’s pie

Handmade dumplings

Dave’s Curry


Roasted red capsicum risotto

Seared sprouts with garlic

Japanese dinner bowls with otsu sauce

Creamy vindaloo

Mushroom and potato cacciatore

Creamy eggplant bake

My Grandmother’s Aubergine

Avocado Rice-paper Rolls with Mango Sesame Sauce


Roasted eggplant soup

Orange lentil soup

Incredibly tasty kidney bean and vegetable soup

French potato and leek soup

Hearty Italian soup

Short soup

Wombok soup

Carrot coconut soup

Simple mushroom soup

Tom yummy soup

Hot and sour soup

Hot vegetable and bean soup

Fresh Tomato Soup

Creamy Chickpea and Herb Soup


Shaved cabbage and fig salad

Roast apple salad

Shaved asparagus and rocket salad

Sweet salsa salad with guacamole

Sesame miso pak-choy slaw

Sweet corn and zucchini coleslaw

Delightful Breakfast Salad

Pesto Pasta Salad

Strawberry and Plantain Salad

Sweet Miso Salad

Golden Beet’n Barley Salad

Ridiculously Simple Chickpea Salad

Snacks and small plates

Curried cauliflower bites

Chickpeas with Soy Sauce

Spicy broccoli with mayonnaise

Sides, sauces, condiments and dressings

Chilli cinnamon relish



Tomato and olive salsa

Chermoula paste


Cinnamon and sesame hummus

Peanut satay sauce

Lime chutney

Indian greens with coconut

Ash’s smokey chunky tomato sauce

Bean’n’Basil Besto

Avocado Pesto

Garlic white sauce

Roast Garlic Strawberry Dressing

Sweet things

Wicked chocolate ganache with sozzled strawberries

Rich chocolate banana ice-cream

Mum’s Hedgehog Slice

Coconut Custard Tarts

Mini-Christmas Puds (raw)


Woozy watermelon slushies

Apple, Berry and Coconut Smoothie

Basic Green Smoothie

Iron-Rich Green Smoothie


Mushroom muffins

Chewy apple-slice cookies


Banana and blueberry mini-muffins

Spinach and Onion Socca

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