Exhilarate your morning: Delightful Breakfast Salad

Breakfast salads are all the rage at the moment. I first stumbled across one at One Arab Vegan, who was inspired by a recipe at Choosing Raw. A quick Google search showed that it’s not just us veggie nuts who are onto it, multitudes of omnivores have jumped on the bandwagon, with salads including more traditional ‘breakfast’ ingredients like bacon and eggs.

So why the craze? Because it’s awesome. Continue reading


Eggplant rollatini with kickass tomato sauce

I cooked this meal a while ago for Ash’s mum. I started out to make these eggplant ‘rollatini’s but personally I prefer a tomato sauce with more kick(ass), so the recipe I actually write up here is what I plan on doing next time. And I doubled the spinach (from memory). Continue reading