Not Another Thanksgiving Feast: Chickpea-Stuffed Choko

If you, like me, aren’t American and therefore don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you might also find that the decadent holiday recipes abounding online can get a bit distracting. While I appreciate the sentiment of Thanksgiving, it can be difficult to plan healthy meals when there are all manner of indulgent dessert recipes and pies bombarding your eyes. But never fear, I am here! While today’s post is still a delicious recipe, it’s also very, very good for you. Perhaps if you did celebrate Thanksgiving you might want to make this to balance out some of that pumpkin pie.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m on a mission to try new fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it’s an item that I’ve never seen or heard of, sometimes it’s an item that I love but have never been game enough to cook, and sometimes it’s an item that has a bad rap. I like giving veggies a second chance. I find that usually it’s just a matter of doing it right. Case in point, chokos.

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Waste not want not: Little Lentil Pies

(again, Mr Camera is on holidays – he’ll be back this weekend – bear with me and my iPhone until then)

The other night Ash was part of a volunteer team cooking up a feast of quiches and pies (450~?) for the homeless people in Sydney. Oz Harvest is a charity that collects leftover food and ingredients from shops and restaurants, and feeds it to the people on the street. Such a wonderful way to a) improve the quality of life for people who are suffering disadvantage, and b) reducing the ‘waste’ food we so thoughtlessly discard. Continue reading

Mama mia!

I was always under the impression that egg was necessary for fresh pasta. A quick Google search showed that eggless fresh pasta is actually quite common, ridiculously simple and was a popular way to make pasta during food shortages the World Wars. So, despite my general aversion to things grain-based (other than the odd muffin or two), I had to try it out. Continue reading

Roasted eggplant soup

(wrinkly, like an old lady's bottom)

I think eggplant is amazing. Just saying.

I find people either love it or hate it, and I think those that hate it simply haven’t had it prepared properly. Mediterranean cuisine includes some of the best eggplant dishes, (baba ghanoush anyone?). In fact, even if you just roast an eggplant (halved, face down on an oven tray until the skin is really wrinkly), scrape out the flesh and smash with plenty of salt and pepper, it’s amazing as a dip. If you wrap a head of garlic in foil, roast it as well for at least 1/2 hour, pop out the cloves and smash with the eggplant, adding a dash of good quality olive oil, even better. Continue reading