Not Another Thanksgiving Feast: Chickpea-Stuffed Choko

If you, like me, aren’t American and therefore don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you might also find that the decadent holiday recipes abounding online can get a bit distracting. While I appreciate the sentiment of Thanksgiving, it can be difficult to plan healthy meals when there are all manner of indulgent dessert recipes and pies bombarding your eyes. But never fear, I am here! While today’s post is still a delicious recipe, it’s also very, very good for you. Perhaps if you did celebrate Thanksgiving you might want to make this to balance out some of that pumpkin pie.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m on a mission to try new fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it’s an item that I’ve never seen or heard of, sometimes it’s an item that I love but have never been game enough to cook, and sometimes it’s an item that has a bad rap. I like giving veggies a second chance. I find that usually it’s just a matter of doing it right. Case in point, chokos.

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BBQ Chickpeas with Mushrooms and Onion

My camera is on holiday, so here’s a photo taken by a friend of mine while holidaying in France. It makes me happy just seeing all the colours.

Do you remember how I had been cooking to a ‘theme’ each week? I still sort of do, I just haven’t mentioned it in a while. This week’s theme is recipes from a book called ‘Tasty Chicken’. On a vegan blog you ask? Yes, I’m not exactly following the recipes. Continue reading

Escaping to the Blue Mountains: two soups and a spicy curry

For the past few days we have been staying in an adorable cottage in the Blue Mountains. We’ll staying the entire week.

Reading a lot, writing a lot. And taking photos.

Today it’s about zero degrees (or so it feels to us, softies that we are), and drizzling rain.

We’ve been pottering around the house in flannelette shirts, red wine in hand, nibbling rum’n’raisin chocolate and playing rummy in front of the fireplace.

While confined to the house, I’ve had the luxury of simmering soup for hours, slow-cooking a curry, and generally appreciating all that is warm and comforting.

Today I’ll share with you the hot and sour soup I whipped up yesterday, a more traditional vegetable and bean soup that sat on the stove for a good two hours before making it’s way into our tummies at lunchtime, and a spicy, creamy, slow-cooked mushroom and eggplant vindaloo. Continue reading

Fresh and flavoursome ratatouille

There are very few things that Ash and I disagree on (nawww), but ratatouille is one of them.

love eggplant, zucchini and olives. Ash is only very slowly being convinced that any of those three vegetables are edible at all. So ratatouille, that features all three, is a bit adventurous for him as yet. Continue reading

Cleaning up and handmade dumplings

I’m a bit stuck as to what to post for you this week. You see, I’ve had a few weeks now of late nights, too much alcohol, and subsequently, a rather junky diet. I haven’t had the energy to go to my regular yoga classes and morning runs. I’m sure you’re well familiar with the experience that it’s a lot harder to fall out of a good habit than to form one again!

But enough! This week I’m getting back into it. And I find the best way for my body to cleanse is to eat (pretty much) 100% raw fruit and vegetables. Honestly, it just puts the bounce back in my step.

So I’ve just come home from yoga, had myself a green smoothie (1 banana, 1 punnet of strawberries, 1/2 bunch Chinese spinach), and now am pondering what to do about the blogging this week. Do my readers want recipes for green smoothies and raw marinated mushrooms? Or is that all a bit too hippy for you

Anyway, I think we have a solution. I made these dumplings on Friday night, which were delicious (and we have at least another dinner’s worth in the freezer – yay!). So I’ll share this recipe. Continue reading

Mmmmmm…mushroom muffins

We have ended up with a lot of leftover fresh food in our house – not cooking at home as much as expected has meant we’ve got mushrooms, spinach, snowpeas, capsicums, apples, bananas and oranges to use up before they get funky. I like it when this happens, because I’ve got excuses to make things up!

Like these mushroom muffins… Apparently savoury muffins are meant to be served as a side to soup but I think they make a lovely little breakfast, or just a snack. Whatever. Continue reading