An Ode To The Stonesoup: Two Minimalist Recipes Inspired By The Blog That Taught Me How To Eat

throw together dinner

Like most Australian women of my generation and my mother’s generation, The Australian Women’s Weekly taught me how to cook. Not the magazine itself, in my case, but all of my first cookbooks were AWW publications, and two of my most trusted sources for fail-safe recipes and general kitchen know-how are books by AWW. However, AWW did not teach me how to to eat. No, the blog and writer who has influenced my diet and approach to food is The Stonesoup (written by Jules Clancy). Continue reading


How to be a haphazard host

Maybe it was the lack of sleep this weekend, or the copious number of vodka sodas last night, but I’ve been completely useless today. Take this chain of events as an example. We invited some friends around for dinner, and the following… well… followed. Shit I’m on fire tonight. Continue reading