An Ode To The Stonesoup: Two Minimalist Recipes Inspired By The Blog That Taught Me How To Eat

throw together dinner

Like most Australian women of my generation and my mother’s generation, The Australian Women’s Weekly taught me how to cook. Not the magazine itself, in my case, but all of my first cookbooks were AWW publications, and two of my most trusted sources for fail-safe recipes and general kitchen know-how are books by AWW. However, AWW did not teach me how to to eat. No, the blog and writer who has influenced my diet and approach to food is The Stonesoup (written by Jules Clancy). Continue reading

Kitchen redemption at last: Coconut Custard Tart

Lack of inspiration. Unripened fruit. Overcooked cabbage. Boo-boo. Lumpy custard. Sunken cake. Misread recipes. Gritty rice. Burnt beans. Disaster. Why haven’t I blogged in so long, you ask?

I could tell you that I haven’t blogged in ages because I have my final exam for my final subject in my final semester in a week’s time, but that would be a lie. I haven’t posted because a) I haven’t had any culinary adventures worth sharing, and b) those that I anticipated would be bloggable were not. It’s humbling being reminded that I’m just as prone to kitchen catastrophe as anyone else, whether I take pretty pictures of my food and share my recipes or not. Thankfully, the bad luck gremlin has finally had his fill and has left my kitchen. Today I have a recipe for you that is so delicious, you’ll be making it again and again. Its theme song is Tubthumping; it’s name, Coconut Custard Tart. Continue reading

How to be a haphazard host

Maybe it was the lack of sleep this weekend, or the copious number of vodka sodas last night, but I’ve been completely useless today. Take this chain of events as an example. We invited some friends around for dinner, and the following… well… followed. Shit I’m on fire tonight. Continue reading

Someone please buy me an ice-cream maker.


I don’t like single-use kitchen appliances in general. But my lord, an ice-cream maker would be epic. Given that I’m vegan, and 99% of the frozen desserts in the word are dairy-based (one of the few culinary categories that sadly have not yet caught up with the growing number of people who choose not to consume dairy), I rarely get to eat ice-cream. And I love ice-cream. Sorbet is lovely and all, but it’s just not ice-cream. Continue reading