An Ode To The Stonesoup: Two Minimalist Recipes Inspired By The Blog That Taught Me How To Eat

throw together dinner

Like most Australian women of my generation and my mother’s generation, The Australian Women’s Weekly taught me how to cook. Not the magazine itself, in my case, but all of my first cookbooks were AWW publications, and two of my most trusted sources for fail-safe recipes and general kitchen know-how are books by AWW. However, AWW did not teach me how to to eat. No, the blog and writer who has influenced my diet and approach to food is The Stonesoup (written by Jules Clancy). Continue reading


Can’t Be Effed To Cook (CBETC) – Five Things To Do With A Can Of Chickpeas

tinned chickpea salad

Goooood morning readers!

I hope you’re all feeling fresh and perky – I am – I’ve finally got my hands on nut milk bags and have been making green veggie juices at home, sans juicer. They make me bounce! And not in the fat way!

Anyway, what I’m actually writing about today is food for when you don’t feel quite so fantastic. These are the things you throw together when you just can’t be f’ed to cook. Maybe you have had some long days at work. Maybe you haven’t done your grocery shopping and feel like there’s nothing to make for dinner. Maybe you’re just feeding yourself, and I know that when I’m on my own I often can’t be bothered. Whatever the reason, all I ask is for you to keep some tinned chickpeas in your pantry. Or any legume really. And then what I’m going to do is show you five simple things to do with that tin of chickpeas. Continue reading

For the love all things grilled and good for you: My Grandmother’s Aubergine

In the late 1960’s, counter-top microwave ovens began to appear in the kitchens of trendy, modern families. They became the new, revolutionary and very fashionable cooking appliance. Cookbooks published at the time will tell you how to cook a ‘roast’ dinner in the microwave, a souffle, and even ice-cream! Don’t believe me? Check it out. My mum’s microwave cookbook would have you believe that anything can be made in one (it also fails to mention the high risk of lumpy custards and gravies, and porridge volcanos). Basically, the world went a little batty over the invention of the microwave oven.

The sandwich press is my microwave oven. Continue reading

BBQ Chickpeas with Mushrooms and Onion

My camera is on holiday, so here’s a photo taken by a friend of mine while holidaying in France. It makes me happy just seeing all the colours.

Do you remember how I had been cooking to a ‘theme’ each week? I still sort of do, I just haven’t mentioned it in a while. This week’s theme is recipes from a book called ‘Tasty Chicken’. On a vegan blog you ask? Yes, I’m not exactly following the recipes. Continue reading

Cinnamon and sesame hummus

Before you smile, nod, and back away slowly, hear me out.

Have you ever had a tasting platter of fruits, cheeses (for the non-vegans), little antipasti vegetable things and quince paste? This subtly sweet hummus fits somewhere along those lines. It’s the sort of thing you might serve alongside something savoury, and it would be that unexpected, stand-out flavour. On the other hand, you could use it to dip fruit pieces into, for a healthy, high fibre, nutrient dense snack. I wouldn’t go all out and serve it with ice-cream or cake. It’s not a dessert. Actually, I’m having a difficult time defining it at all! All I know is that I made it, it was delicious, and I’ll be making it again. Continue reading

Softshell chickpea tacos – an old favourites menu

A man-sized meal

Oh beloved readers, I did not forget you this weekend, I promise.

As I did the shopping on Sunday, I was thinking of what wonderful culinary revelations I would share with you this week, and then I failed as you waited with bated breath for the weekend post! Perhaps I’m overestimating your devotion a little, I suppose the possibility exists that your lives extend beyond this page. But the long and short of it is that instead of cooking a gorgeous ratatouille to share with you, Ash and I had a delightful dinner at a little vegetarian Indian shop. I have been meaning to stay up late or get up early to post something delicious for you, and have only now found time to do it it. Shame! Continue reading

A Friday night feed – spicy chickpeas with thyme and peanuts

As bizarre as that sounds… it was delicious!

The flavour profile was inspired by a recipe for blackbean fritters from of my favourite recipe books, Vegan Soul Kitchen. This book is full of interesting African-American dishes, a cuisine I had never before explored. We discovered it when Ash made this recipe for ‘Jamacian veggie patties’, posted on 101cookbooks (see Blogroll). And for the record, those patties are mindblowing! Continue reading

Drumroll… the chickpeas!

This is the most ubiquitous chickpea recipe in my kitchen. It’s quick, easy, tasty, flexible, nutritious and cheap. I make a pot of it at some point just about every weekend and Ash takes a little container of it to work each day, having them piled on top of vitawheat crackers with sliced tomato. If there’s any leftover on Saturday morning I’ll often eat a little bowl of them for breakfast, microwaved. I’ve served them as mini-tart filling (entree), as a dip (nibblies), eaten on top of salad (dinner), and in a sandwich (lunch). Continue reading