Two cold days, two warming soups

Summer is properly over. These last two days have been freezing (by Sydney standards). Today I wore a jumper and a scarf – all day – even inside the office! What a happy coincidence that this week we’re doing soups.

The first one we had last night, and Ash summed it up in one word, “restorative”. It’s a deep red, richly flavoured, chunky soup, and it had us each going back for seconds. Continue reading


“I want to eat spaghetti bolognaise, and not feel bad about it for days and days and days”

perfect camping food

They’re Lily Allen’s words – but I know what she means.

I find if I eat spaghetti bolognaise, I enjoy it because it’s hearty, tasty, filling and very much a comfort-food. But it leaves me feeling like I’ve eaten a cow, and that if I make a habit of eating it, I will look like a cow. Continue reading