Curried cauliflower bites and lime chutney

I’m sitting at the computer with blu-tack in my ears, eating a piece of banana ‘flop’, and drinking chamomile tea, because something has set off a high-pitched alarm in our building, my banana bread didn’t rise, and the alarm is giving me a headache. A wonderful start to my exam studies. Continue reading


The sous chef proposes

I’m just about the happiest woman in the world! As you can see, Ash proposed, and placed the most beautiful antique ring on my finger.

I know this doesn’t have much to do with cooking, or recipes, but bear with me and I’ll share something edible with you too. But before I do, I must share some photos from our weekend away.  Continue reading

Bicep-building chermoula paste

In honour of minimalist living and all that shiz, and in the absence of my beloved food processor, today’s recipe is chermoula paste. It’s nice sometimes to be reminded that before the introduction of labour-saving devices, people did still enjoy curry pastes, pestos and hummus. People also weren’t obese. If you use a mortar and pestle as I did, it will quickly become apparent why. You may end up stripping down to a bra and pj pants, so don’t do this with guests over. Unless you’re having that type of party. Continue reading

Roast eggplant with za’atar sauce, and the granola draw!

Brace yourself for a long post.

First order of the evening, the granola giveaway draw!

The winners are as follows:

  1. Patrice Lowrie
  2. James Allen
  3. Jordan Dunne

I’ll contact each of you to grab your address and get posting those jars!

Second order of the evening, this dish. I splurged on some Maldon sea-salt flakes this weekend, $8 for a box – my lord. So I had to make something fancy for at least one meal this week. Enter this dinner. Continue reading

Chilli cinnamon relish

So, as I’ve mentioned, we bought a rainbow chilli tree. First order, harissa!

I looked up a few recipes, and they all have carraway seeds – seems it’s an important part of the flavour or whatever. Well, I’m effort-adverse, I didn’t have any on my spice shelf and wasn’t about to go get some. So to hell with harissa, this is just a chilli sauce. And it’s good. Maybe next time I’ll make harissa… but this one is being made again for sure. Continue reading