Taking Out The Trash: The Predicable Post-Holiday Digestive-Restoration Campaign



How are we all feeling after Christmas and New Years? Are you ready for a whopper of a post with some scrumptious recipes and a simple way to clear your body of holiday junk? I hope you are, because I think two of these three recipes are the best I’ve made in a while, so hold tight!

My yoga instructors are currently in the habit of asking at the beginning of class whether anyone is hungover, and then promise that the class will help clear the body of the toxins it’s holding after any overindulgence. Personally I think a hot sweaty yoga class is about the best thing I can do if I’m feeling the need to detox, but on a full-blown hangover… well I suspect it would end badly.

There are other ways of cleaning out the body, ones that don’t result in getting drenched with sweat. Continue reading


Fifty Shades of Green: Golden Beet’n Barley Salad and the Basic Green Smoothie

When is a meal not a meal? When it’s missing greens of course! If you thought otherwise, I’d like to know your name and how you got in. Kidding… even if you thought meat I’d still let you read my blog. Everyone is invited to this party. Greens for all! Greens in everything! Greens forever! Greens in every shape and form and colour! Fifty shades of green! Continue reading

The return of the food processor: Pesto Pasta Salad, Bean’n’Basil Besto, and breakfast in a wine glass

Ash’s version: traditional pasta

Hello again world! Yes, I’m alive. Apologies for the delay in posting.

Rather than attempt to post recipes twice each week, I am taking a quality-over-quantity approach. After all, these recipes must be worth repeating, and if I’m draining my creative juices and giving you less-than-amazing dishes, not only will you be disappointed, but I won’t be living up to my own standards. While blogging is important to me, if it is to reach a high standard, it has to be sustainable along with other big time-consuming priorities: working, studying and fitness. So please bear with me, and when you visit Cat’s Kitchen, expect to see a high quality weekly post. I will be only sharing the best of each week with you, which often will mean that each post will include multiple recipes.

Such as today’s. In celebration of the return of my food processor and blender, I succeeded in using each and every part of it – the blender, the big-bowl processor and the small-bowl processor. For breakfast, I made a apple, berry and coconut smoothie – satisfying and delicious. Lunch was a pesto pasta salad, two ways. Creamy, fresh and believe it or not, oil and nut free. The final recipe is a bit of a fusion between a bean dip or hummus, and basil pesto. Bean’n’basil pesto? Let’s call it a besto. Continue reading

Exhilarate your morning: Delightful Breakfast Salad

Breakfast salads are all the rage at the moment. I first stumbled across one at One Arab Vegan, who was inspired by a recipe at Choosing Raw. A quick Google search showed that it’s not just us veggie nuts who are onto it, multitudes of omnivores have jumped on the bandwagon, with salads including more traditional ‘breakfast’ ingredients like bacon and eggs.

So why the craze? Because it’s awesome. Continue reading

Not your average muesli bar

Over a year ago we had this old packet of weetbix on the shelf that just wasn’t getting eaten. And for breakfast, Ash was eating expensive little muesli bars filled with sugars and nasty additives. So I decided to bake a batch of muesli bars, and I’ve been baking a batch at least every fortnight since. I’ve tweaked and experimented with the recipe until I think I can safely say I’ve got it down pat. Continue reading

Mmmmmm…mushroom muffins

We have ended up with a lot of leftover fresh food in our house – not cooking at home as much as expected has meant we’ve got mushrooms, spinach, snowpeas, capsicums, apples, bananas and oranges to use up before they get funky. I like it when this happens, because I’ve got excuses to make things up!

Like these mushroom muffins… Apparently savoury muffins are meant to be served as a side to soup but I think they make a lovely little breakfast, or just a snack. Whatever. Continue reading

Breakfasts of champions – B.L.A.T. and Woozy watermelon slushies

I call this breakfast a B.L.A.T., but for all I know that could be completely misleading. I’ve never had a B.L.A.T.. And I doubt I ever will. But it tasted good and that’s what counts! I’ve used ‘eggplant bacon’, and that seems like a good enough excuse to label it a B.L.A.T.. You B.L.A.T. eaters out there can tell me how it compares! Continue reading