Taking Out The Trash: The Predicable Post-Holiday Digestive-Restoration Campaign



How are we all feeling after Christmas and New Years? Are you ready for a whopper of a post with some scrumptious recipes and a simple way to clear your body of holiday junk? I hope you are, because I think two of these three recipes are the best I’ve made in a while, so hold tight!

My yoga instructors are currently in the habit of asking at the beginning of class whether anyone is hungover, and then promise that the class will help clear the body of the toxins it’s holding after any overindulgence. Personally I think a hot sweaty yoga class is about the best thing I can do if I’m feeling the need to detox, but on a full-blown hangover… well I suspect it would end badly.

There are other ways of cleaning out the body, ones that don’t result in getting drenched with sweat. Continue reading

Feeling Fresh: Mum’s Hedgehog Slice and a Summery Lunch

As the days are counting down towards the end of my degree (34 days to go!), it’s beginning to sink in that for the first time in four and a half years, I won’t be juggling the insane stress of work with study. Needless to say, that’s a really exciting thought.

For a moment back there, a miniscule nanosecond of a moment, I thought “Whatever will I do with my free time?”. Then I forehead slapped myself. Oh, silliness is me, what a foolish thought. The more appropriate question is “However will I fit in all of the things I have been holding back from experiencing, learning or doing due to the time, stress and financial constraints that uni has entailed?” You see, I have a bit of a list of things that I’m trying to find time to do at the moment that keep getting put on the back-burner due to my demanding study schedule. But on top of this, I feel that in order to get the most out of every minute of every day, I need to be feeling my best. Continue reading

For the love all things grilled and good for you: My Grandmother’s Aubergine

In the late 1960’s, counter-top microwave ovens began to appear in the kitchens of trendy, modern families. They became the new, revolutionary and very fashionable cooking appliance. Cookbooks published at the time will tell you how to cook a ‘roast’ dinner in the microwave, a souffle, and even ice-cream! Don’t believe me? Check it out. My mum’s microwave cookbook would have you believe that anything can be made in one (it also fails to mention the high risk of lumpy custards and gravies, and porridge volcanos). Basically, the world went a little batty over the invention of the microwave oven.

The sandwich press is my microwave oven. Continue reading

Not your average muesli bar

Over a year ago we had this old packet of weetbix on the shelf that just wasn’t getting eaten. And for breakfast, Ash was eating expensive little muesli bars filled with sugars and nasty additives. So I decided to bake a batch of muesli bars, and I’ve been baking a batch at least every fortnight since. I’ve tweaked and experimented with the recipe until I think I can safely say I’ve got it down pat. Continue reading

Chewy apple-slice cookies

(there is a smudge on my lens. bummer.)

There’s this cookie recipe that I found in a Women’s Weekly book that has a perfectly chewy-cookie texture. It also has chocolate, nuts and raisins in the mix – they’re Ash’s favourite cookies. These cookies use just the plain batter, with cinnamon and apple slices on top. The original recipe had eggs in it, and I’d been a little worried about attempting to make it without them, but these worked out just fine! Continue reading

Mmmmmm…mushroom muffins

We have ended up with a lot of leftover fresh food in our house – not cooking at home as much as expected has meant we’ve got mushrooms, spinach, snowpeas, capsicums, apples, bananas and oranges to use up before they get funky. I like it when this happens, because I’ve got excuses to make things up!

Like these mushroom muffins… Apparently savoury muffins are meant to be served as a side to soup but I think they make a lovely little breakfast, or just a snack. Whatever. Continue reading