Crack in a jar in the post… Giveaway!

And not the ‘oh dear this jar is broken’ type of crack. I mean the addictive, life changing and potentially deadly crack. However, unlike heroin, this is safe to consume in moderation.

Now that I’ve completely failed to manage expectations, I’ll explain.

On Sunday morning I woke up with a killer hangover, and I wanted something comforting for breakfast. I’d also had the desire to make my own granola sitting in the back of my mind for a while. So a large batch of maple-kissed golden granola, with just a hint of olive oil, was born.

After a generous bowl for breakkie, many little handfuls during the day as I studied, and another bowl for breakkie the next day, I realised that it simply wouldn’t do to have the rest of it sitting in a big jar on top of the fridge, all golden and tempting. So I’ve divvied it up into smaller jars, made them pretty (sort of) and have decided to make gifts of them, and Ash can take one to work. No more for me.

And what better way to give a gift than to post it! These days we rarely get anything in the post other than bills and letters offering us credit cards. I’ve got four jars of it, minus one for Ash to take, which leaves just three to send out.

So, who wants one?

I think what I’ll do is have a draw. To enter, you have a few options:

  1. Follow Cat’s Kitchen (if you don’t already);
  2. Like my Facebook pageย (if you don’t already);
  3. Mention Cat’s Kitchen in a blog post (with a link); or
  4. Mention Cat’s Kitchen in a Facebook status update (with a link).

You have a week, entries close on Monday, 19th March. I’ll contact the winners to grab address details ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately I do think I’ll have to restrict this to those of you within Australia, because first, I’m not sure I can post food-stuffs overseas, and second, it’s a bit expensive and I’m a poor-as-balls uni student.

Now break!


p.s. Now I need to find myself some more jars…

[Update: please comment to let me know what you’ve done, I’ve got a number of entries as I’ve noted down who’s ‘liked’ the Facebook page in the last 24hrs, but if I don’t see it then I won’t know you’ve entered!]


8 thoughts on “Crack in a jar in the post… Giveaway!

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  2. Hi Cat! Any chance your granola is gluten free? Assuming there’s at least some oats in there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ looks good though.

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